Feel good where you live.

I love to create spaces that feel good to be in, and I have a talent and passion for matching people and their homes with colors. As a color consultant, I can work collaboratively with you to find paint colors that feel good, and reflect your style. With the right color combination, your house can be a series of spaces that are a joy to be in.

As a fine art painter and muralist, I can create artwork to add depth and soul and bring your space to life. I put no limit on subject matter, nor the techniques of application. I use my artwork to talk about experiences that we all share.

Are you an artist? As with any other skill, making art is best when practiced frequently. As a service to our artistic community, I host regular figure drawing sessions. If you'd like to practice your drawing skills among the company of other artists, join us.

Moving to Seattle, summer 2012. I am currently looking for a new space to host drawing sessions, and am building a new list of artists who would like to attend. The Bellingham drawing sessions will continue under a new facilitator. Contact Dakota Art for more information about the Bellingham sessions.